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Couples Therapy

This form of therapy assists couples in enhancing their relationship. Several approaches are utilized most often; carried out by certified experts.

Learning Disability

A learning disability is a condition that impairs a student's capacity to learn and apply academic abilities including reading, writing, reasoning, spelling, and math.  Testing can be done  with a variety of batteries, including the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA), and intelligence tests.

ADHD Evaluation

Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that persist and interfere with everyday activities and development are the hallmarks of ADHD. Inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity are the two primary behavioral indicators used to assess ADHD. Over a six-month period, these behaviors must be present in a minimum of two different environments, such as a social gathering, home, or school.

speech therapy

This form of therapy aids those with speech impairments and communication difficulties. Children who have autism or a speech development delay should generally benefit from speech therapy. It aims to develop speech muscles, correct pronunciation, and learn to communicate in a clear, confident manner.

occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on assisting individuals in developing and honing their functional and adaptive abilities. Daily tasks are used as a kind of treatment in this case to address physical, mental, emotional, and developmental conditions that impair a client's capacity to carry out daily tasks such as washing and dressing, teach social skills and appropriate behavior.

Individual therapy

A form of therapy in which a client speaks with a professional therapist on a one-to-one basis to address psychological or psycho-social problems. The therapy provided is tailored to the needs of the clients.

Personality assessment

Tests on personality traits are administered, scored, and interpreted in this way. The purpose of this exam is to identify and quantify the unique personality traits that distinguish individuals across contexts and time. Tests can be used to make a clinical diagnosis, choose a professional route, and forecast a person's behaviour in a range of situations and contexts.

Intellectual & cognitive assessment

This test evaluates a variety of cognitive skills, including deductive reasoning and critical thinking. A person's potential and intellectual capacity are gauged by their test results. The scores are also referred to as the intelligence quotient (IQ).

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