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If there is a story, it must be told…..


A long time ago, a dream called Fafanto was borne in the heart of Mrs. Ethel Obeng-Treve a clinical psychologist. Every detail in the logo is intentional as an apt description of what needs to be communicated; the masterful weaving of the adinkra symbols Fafanto (butterfly), Aya (Fern) and the silhouette of a face.

In the Twi language of the Ashanti people of Ghana, Fafanto is translated as "butterfly". The butterfly, a lovely insect, represents tenderness, honesty, fragility, and development. There is also the Aya an emblem that symbolizes resilience, self-reliance, resistance to adversity, toughness, tenacity, and ingenuity.

 Over the years, I have seen how the human mind; albeit lovely but delicate, may be trained to become resilient in the face of adversity. Through close work with clients who have mental health problems and how it impacts families, friends, and caregivers, there is always something we can all do to bring relief and hope to all.

 It's not necessarily broken even if it is fragile.

Fafanto Psych Consult stands to promote mental health, reduce stigma around mental illness, and provide trustworthy mental health support to everyone. We combine subject-matter expertise with expert knowledge through collaboration and the creation of strategic alliances. Our intention and ambition is to make support services accessible.

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